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Redefine Data Storage with Filecoin’s Pioneering On-chain Technology

& S3 Cloud Storage

Powered by Filecoin’s Decentralized network

Decentrally is trusted by professionals around the world!

Decentrally is unlocking fully verifiable data storage

Bridging the user experience gap

  • Save Time

    Streamline your workflow with our intuitive S3-compatible API and IPFS integration, allowing for a seamless transition of your Web2 apps to decentralized Web3 storage, reducing development time and accelerating your project’s timeline.

  • Lower Barrier to Entry

    Simplify the journey to decentralized technology by leveraging familiar tools and protocols. Our approach minimizes the learning curve, making it easier for developers of all skill levels to contribute to and innovate within the blockchain space.

  • Adopt Emerging Tech

    Stay ahead of the curve by integrating cutting-edge decentralized storage solutions into your applications. Our platform bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3, offering you the opportunity to be at the forefront of the technological revolution, ensuring your projects are future-proof.

Providing Robust Data Protection

  • Better Performance

    Enhance your application’s efficiency with our global network of providers, ensuring faster data retrieval and superior performance. By distributing data close to the edge, we minimize latency and maximize the responsiveness of your digital solutions.

  • Increase Data Locale

    By leveraging a decentralized network, your data is stored in multiple locations worldwide, bringing it closer to your users. This proximity improves access speeds and reliability, providing a seamless experience regardless of geographical boundaries.

  • Reduce Bandwidth Costs

    Our innovative approach to data distribution not only improves performance but also significantly reduces the costs associated with data transfer. By optimizing data pathways and storage, we help you cut down on bandwidth expenses, making it more economical to operate at scale.

Slashing data storage costs

  • Lower Bills

    Tap into our open marketplace of storage providers, where competition drives down prices, ensuring you get the best possible rates for data storage. Experience significant savings and reduce your operational expenses without compromising on quality or security.

  • No Vendor Lock-In

    Enjoy the freedom of choice and flexibility with our decentralized storage solution. With a diverse range of providers at your fingertips, you can switch services without the hurdles of traditional vendor lock-in, ensuring your storage strategy remains agile and cost-effective.

  • Additional Capital

    By slashing data storage costs, you free up valuable resources that can be reinvested into your core business operations. This additional capital can be used to accelerate growth, innovate, and explore new opportunities, fueling your competitive edge in the market.